COVID Advice


Given our age cohort, we strongly prefer members be up to date with their vaccinations.  If you are not, we very likely will find it difficult to place you with a Mentor or Learner.


Whilst the wearing of masks indoors in your own home is not mandatory, Mentors and/or Learners may prefer to do so.  This may cause learning to be impractical, and you may wish to defer lessons.

If a Learner reaches their membership renewal date whilst they have been unable to have lessons, please raise this with your Hub Coordinator.  Refer to the most recent issue of News & Views for an up to date list of Hub Coordinators and their contact details.

Vaccination Status

BSOL will not provide overall advice about vaccination status.  It is between the Mentor and the Learner.  If a Mentor or Learner wishes to know the vaccination status of the other, they may ask.  If a Mentor or Learner is uncomfortable with vaccination status, they may ask their Hub Coordinator to be reassigned.