About Us

The establishment of Brisbane Seniors OnLine is a brilliant example of how, with the energy and enthusiasm of dedicated people, a very appropriate solution can be found to an important issue.

For older Seniors the pace of change of Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones is daunting and it inhibits them from utilising the vast array of information and tools to make their lives enriched. While the younger Seniors already have some knowledge, however they would like to expand this knowledge and become more comfortable with their devices.

Brisbane Seniors OnLine can help both these groups.

Brisbane Seniors OnLine (BSOL) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides seniors aged over 50 in the Greater Brisbane area with training and support in the use of computers, tablets and smart phones. We are fully staffed by volunteers which enables us to provide your training needs at a low cost.

Our office is conveniently located in the Gabba Towers at Woolloongabba on Vulture St next to the Gabba Oval, which is a short walk from the bus station.

However our training for learners is carried out, in the main, at your own home on your own devices. It is important that you use your own devices so that you become comfortable with them and the way they are set up.

Learners are assigned to a mentor who provides tuition on the subjects the learner chooses, as well as advice on issues such as safe internet browsing, computer security and maintenance of your computer’s operating system.

Lessons are conducted either:

  • At your home on your device
  • At the BSOL’s Office on your laptop/portable device or BSOL’s computers,
  • At public library on your laptop/portable device or the library’s computers.

Tuition in advanced subjects and new digital technology may be provided depending on the availability of qualified mentors. Please note that BSOL does not provide computer training for commercial purposes. Nor do we provide technical support, computer repairs or maintenance.

BSOL hosts a number of special interest groups including a Digital Photography Club, a Video Club, a Mentor Support Club, Linux Support Group and an Apple Computer Group that meet monthly. Members participate in these clubs for free. Free computer presentations are held regularly in various Brisbane public libraries or at our Woolloongabba.Office.

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