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BSOL Newsletter October 2018 (PDF document)

BSOL AGM Thursday 25th October at 1pm

BSOL Newsletter September 2018 (PDF document)

Hard to see your keyboard?

Booking computers at BSOL

Opting in or out of MyHealth

The upcoming Q&A program

... plus all our usual features.

BSOL Newsletter August 2018 (PDF document)

BSOL Newsletter July 2018 (PDF document)

Windows 10 functions

BSOL and Be Connected

Forthcoming Q&A program

Email phishing

...plus all oour regular features

BSOL Newsletter June 2018 (PDF document)

The 2018 Q&A program

Facebook privacy

Free training through State Library of Queensland

QR codes

… plus all our usual features

BSOL Newsletter May 2018 (PDF document)

Our office move

BSOL testimonial

Q&A at Bracken Ridge

Email problems

Sound effects from the BBC

Free items to a good home

...and all our usual features

BSOL Newsletter April 2018 (PDF document)

Facebook privacy settings

Our Q&A program for 2018

...plus all our regular features

BSOL Newsletter March 2018 (PDF document)

Two new office volunteers

Out and about promoting BSOL

The BSOL 2018 calendar

...plus all our regular features

BSOL Newsletter February 2018 (PDF document)

Creating a family database

The 2018 BSOL Q&A program

Smart home assistants

The Government wants you to stay in your own home

...plus all our regular monthly features.

BSOL Newsletter December 2017 (PDF document)

Excel and date errors

Management committee report

Brain Teaser

...plus all our other regular features

BSOL Newsletter November 2017 (PDF document)

Research presentation at QUT

Wynnum Library Q&A session

Our 2017 Annual General Meeting

Meet the new BSOL committee

A changing of the guard

...plus all our regular features

BSOL Newsletter October 20187 (PDF document)

BSOL AGM October 26th

Digital Photography

Apple Special Interest Group

Mentor Support Group

Linux Special Interest Group


Brain Teaser