Brisbane Seniors OnLine Mentors provide an important link to our learner’s by providing support, mentoring and vital information as they learn to navigate their computers and the internet. Our learner’s have a wide range of skills and it is the Mentors job to enable them to navigate through the diverse landscape of the “Internet and Computer” world.

Some important information for our Mentors –

BSOL Code of Conduct

Operating Guidelines for Mentors

Guidelines for Security Assessment of Learner’s Computer

Guidlines for Hub  Coordinators

Mentor Travel Expenses

Brisbane Seniors OnLine encourage our members to share information with each other. As such we maintain a BLOG site which is open to all Mentors and members of the Special Interest Groups ( Apple, Linux and Digital Photography) who have registered. Pages have been setup for the Mentor Support, Apple, Digital Photography and Linux groups, which will enable members of these groups to share ideas.

o access this site  you must first register. Registration is easy, you just need to answer all the questions and an email will be sent with the activation number. Copy this from the email and paste it into the activation dialogue box.
 For more info on registering please refer to this doc Blog Registration