Are you considering buying a Tablet Computer?

Last Updated: 26 August 2018

Here is a very useful document that you can download to help you choose the type of tablet most suited to your needs.  Note that this document is available for our members only so you will need to log in to our website first then click here.

Buying a Computer or Tablet & Going OnLine

Desktop ComputerHere are some useful hints when purchasing a computer or tablet:
  • Decide what you want to do with the computer or tablet.  If you want a computer that is capable of playing computer games then you will need a much higher specification (and expensive) machine than one that is only used for email and internet browsing.
  • Ascertain what software or applications you need
  • Make a list of the attachments you have or would like to have - for example: for a digital camera you may need photo editing software and cables.
  • Shop around.  There are suppliers specialising in refurbished computers who will install and configure them in your home.
  • If you buy a new computer or tablet make sure all the software you require is bundled and loaded. Buying software separately can cost double. Anti-Virus software is a must but perfectly adequate protection is available for free and BSOL can give you advice on this. 
  • If you are in any doubt ask your mentor. They will be glad to point you in the right direction but will not recommend a specific dealer or product.

Refurbished Computer Vendors

BSOL does not endorse any particular computer retailer but here are some not-for-profit vendors who offer low cost refurbished computers to disadvantaged persons that BSOL members may be entitled to access.

Computers for Learning (C4L)

C4L is a Rotary Club of Nundah project that sells refurbished Windows computers from an incredibly low price of $60 to disadvantaged persons.  Visit their website for  further information.

Their refurbished computers are distributed locally as well as overseas through charity organisations such as Rotary Clubs, St Vincent de Paul and the Rotary Organisation Donations in Kind.

If you have a computer running Windows Vista or above that you no longer need then C4L would appreciate it if you donated it to them.  C4L is a member of Microsoft’s Registered Refurbisher Program. One of the requirements of this program is that all hard-drives are wiped before they are on sold. C4L gives donors peace of mind by using "blancco", a world leader in data erasure software that guarantees 100% untraceable data erasure.


Infoxchange has a Brisbane office  and aims to provide affordable internet access.

For further information on what is available visit their  website or phone 03 9452 7400.

Work Ventures

Work Ventures is a Sydney based not-for-profit organisation that is also in the refurbished computer business. This organisation is endorsed by the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) and generally offers good deals but they too charge a fee for deliveries to Queensland. For information on their current deals visit their website or freecall 1800 112 205.

Comparing Broadband Deals

BSOL strongly suggests that you get a high speed Internet connection with at least two gigabytes of monthly download which is shaped (slowed) if you go over your quota. Check what is available in your area on this site.