Computer Basics - Overview

A Computer Lesson

For those who have never used a computer or have very little knowledge we have an introductory curriculum which includes:
  • Computer basics  and terminology
  • Operating System – what it is and what it does
  • Storing and retrieving information
  • Text editing and formatting
  • Computer security and back-up
  • Email
  • Internet

Please Note

The list above sets out the guidelines of what we teach our learners, and applies to both Apple and Windows-based systems - plus any other such as Android or Linux.

A learner may not require teaching in all areas and may select those that are of interest or importance to them. So if the learner wants only to learn about the internet, then the mentor will only cover that module. It is up to the learner. The mentor may still make recommendations about other topics e.g. computer security - which should be covered, but this will be taught only if the learner agrees.

There is in no rigid order in the way these topics are taught, as our mentors have different approaches to their tutoring. However, all of the areas listed will be covered, if that is what the learner requires.

There may be other computer-related topics which are of interest also, but which are outside this list. While we will not guarantee to teach these, if the mentor has the time, willingness and ability, he or she may be prepared to do so.


The learner should keep a note pad with a view to taking brief notes on what is being covered.