Learner Notes

Brisbane Seniors OnLine Association (BSOL) is a not-for-profit organisation staffed by volunteers to provide Brisbane seniors with basic computer skills, the opportunity to extend these skills and to keep up to date with changing technology.

You will learn basics including email, internet and security. More advanced tutoring in other topics may be available depending on our resources in your area.

Brisbane has been divided into a number of areas called hubs with each hub having its own coordinator. Our Hub Coordinators are responsible for matching the mentors and learners in their hubs, supporting their mentors, and generally managing their hubs.

Mentors' approach to teaching will vary, and this may affect both the scope and order of the training you receive. Practising what you are taught is a vital part of the learning process, and you will need to devote time between lessons to practice and review.

There is an informal flexible guideline of 12 lessons. Your lessons will continue until your mentor believes that you have had the opportunity to achieve your goals, when you will be advised that your regular training will conclude; at the same time the Hub
Coordinator is advised, so that the mentor can move on to help another learner.

While your membership is current you will be entitled to support by phone, email or remote assistance. A full list of entitlements for learners can be found on our website.

No Technical Advice, Installation, Set-Up, Repairs

We do not provide technical advice or assistance, installation of programs, set up, configuration, reconfiguration, repairs, maintenance etc. Accordingly, any advice or assistance your mentor may provide in these matters is provided in a private capacity, and not on behalf of BSOL.

We cannot take responsibility for any malfunction of your computer

No Promotion of IT Suppliers/Providers of Products

While your mentor may give you general advice as to the desired features to look for in a particular piece of equipment e.g. a printer, your mentor cannot recommend a type or brand. Similarly, mentors cannot recommend a particular supplier.

Any recommendation provided by your mentor regarding a type or brand or particular supplier is provided in a private capacity and not on behalf of BSOL.

Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct

BSOL’s Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct may be viewed on our web site.