BSOL is a fully self-funded organisation. Membership fees are levied to meet our office administration costs and our public liability and volunteer workers insurance that we are legally required to maintain.

Learner Membership

A $20 joining fee and $40 annual membership fee is payable by new learners. This entitles you to one-to-one lessons, usually in your home, plus mentor support via email, telephone or remote access while you are a BSOL member. You can join BSOL by either:

  • Making application in person or by phone on (07) 3393 2225 to our Woolloongabba Office during office hours 10.00 am to 3.00 pm Tuesday to Friday (Closed Mondays & Public Holidays). Our friendly office volunteers will answer any questions you may have about BSOL membership.
  • Completing our Online Learner Application Form and paying by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal via our secure web page, or
  • Downloading the following Learner Application Form and submitting it to our City Office with payment by cheque, credit card or money order.

Membership Renewals

Learners are advised by email or letter a month before their membership is due for renewal and are provided with this Membership Renewal Application that provides options for payment of the $40 renewal fee and invites the learner to identify changes to their learning needs. Learners who renew their annual membership are entitled to:

  • Ongoing support by phone, email, or remote access from a BSOL mentor.
  • Up to six further mentor support sessions to learn a new program, operating system or device.
  • Membership of BSOL's Digital Photography, Linux and Apple Special Interest Groups.
  • Access to the BSOL website that has links to a wide range of information tailored to seniors.
  • The monthly BSOL Newsletter.
  • Special BSOL notices about important issues such as viruses and scams.

Renewals can be paid by Paypal, Visa, or Mastercard through our Online Store after you are logged into our website  

Learners who fail to renew their membership within two months of expiry will have to pay another $20 joining fee.

Membership is free for Mentors and Administration Volunteers


You only need to be a competent, experienced computer user with good interpersonal skills to be a mentor. We run regular induction sessions for new mentors and provide access to teaching aids and other useful information and programs via the Mentors area of our comprehensive website. We reward mentors with free attendance at all sessions in the City Training Centre – a great way to keep up-to-date. And remember - mentors are not expected to set up new computers, provide technical advice, install programs or to make recommendations about computers, services or suppliers.Teaching is mostly one on one in people’s own homes. We also provide one on one teaching inMentor teaching our City Training Centre and at other selected locations such as public libraries. So, whatever your teaching preferences, if you have good English language skills, we’d like to hear from you. Generally, we find that our learners relate best to mentors who are of a similar age to themselves. Preference will be given therefore to applicants aged over 50 who are interested in a reasonably long-term commitment to our teaching program. You can apply to join BSOL as a mentor by completing our Online Mentor Application Form. 

Administration Volunteers

As a busy and growing organisation BSOL needs people to help behind the scenes. Your management or administration skills could be invaluable to us in our office, or supporting our training, or perhaps arranging social events for our members. BSOL rewards our staff members with free attendance at all the sessions in the City Training Centre and membership of our Video, Digital Photography and Apple Users Groups. You will require reasonable English language skills. You can apply to join BSOL as an administration volunteer in any one of the following ways:

  • By completing our Online Volunteer Application Form.
  • By downloading a Volunteer Application Form (PDF format). If you wish, you can type your details directly into the form before you print it off. Alternatively, you can print the blank form and complete the details by hand. Mail your completed form to BSOL's City Office (visit our Contact page for address details).
  • By phoning our city office on (07) 3393 2225 to request an application form by post. Office hours are 10am to 3pm weekdays. Our friendly office volunteers will answer any questions you may have about BSOL membership.