Success Stories

 Imagination and Vision

Our first President, Fred Delbridge, writes the perception that Computers and the Internet are for the "Twenty something's" or that seniors are in "the too hard basket" could not be more wrong! I have always believed that communication and knowledge should be available to all, the Internet is both. All ages should have the skills to access it, just as we can all use a pen and paper or read a book.

Blue Footed BoobyWhen I read about the start up of BSOL and the Mentor Program,I saw the opportunity to get involved as a volunteer mentor and help people open a window on a whole new range of interests and methods of doing chores. Stuff like, lookup the mating habits of the Blue Footed Booby, to paying the bills or booking a flight to Sydney.

So I enrolled for mentor training.We have progressed considerably as an organisation since then and many thousands of seniors in the Greater Brisbane area have taken advantage of this wonderful service to the community.

A Mentor's View

Ben writes when I first started out as a mentor I was not sure what to expect. One of my first students was an elderly widower who suffered from a deteriorating spine. He was a big man, and was in a great deal of pain. Being housebound, he spent most of his day watching sport on cable television. He had been a manual worker and keyboard skills were not his strong point. By the time he completed his course he was chatting to people all over the world and had given up his pay TV. The world had become his oyster and he could go anywhere he liked from his living room. The change the Internet made to this man's life was remarkable and an inspiration to others. I was hooked too - for me mentoring was a worthwhile and honourable profession.

How BSOL has changed my life

Nancy an avid BSOL learnerNancy told Channel Nine, "About three years ago I learnt to use a computer, then a member of my family moved overseas and I decided I wanted to learn how to send emails. A friend told me about BSOL. I made inquiries and joined. I can now send and receive emails. I can now add a photo to emails and print photos. My husband is a World War II Veteran and I am able to help him keep in touch with his mates and design and send invitations to reunions etc. My mentor is very helpful and patient if I don't understand something immediately. I am very grateful BSOL because I have learnt so much and recommend them to all seniors needing help."

Patricia M adds "Speaking for myself - now in my late eighties - I was reluctant to accept a computer from my family. However, because of my BSOL mentor I am now confidently able to email friends and family all over the world, to receive and send wonderful family pictures and to keep up to date with all their activities. But that is not all my mentor has so patiently and willingly taught me. The ability to 'surf the net' and so easily find answers to so many questions; to be able to see the places I have visited overseas, and many many more; to make and save files of all the information I want - not to mention the pleasure of being able to replay so much beautiful music and so many extraordinary emails and DVDs etc has certainly enriched my life. I am very proud and very grateful to be a member of Brisbane Seniors on Line".