Useful Web Sites with security advice

The following sites, most of which are published by non-commercial organisations including the Federal Government, contain important general advice on computer security.


  • Windows 10 has an inbuilt backup system called “File History” which can be activated from the “Settings” button on the main menu. See Microsoft for more info or PC Worlds article
  • We suggest you download Macrium Reflect Free Edition to backup your PC. For instructions on it’s use visit the Tech Radar Website.
  • To obtain access to online space to back up your files off site read these recent notes on using The Cloud also from
  • To ensure your important files are not lost download this Free File Synchronisation program Allyway Sync and start using it today .

Remove Spyware

Spyware is designed to track your internet surfing habits or to open a back door for hackers etc. There are several good free programs available and often they seem to find things the other doesn’t so you may wish to use more than one. It is important before you run them to update the definitions via the Internet. They are:

  • Adaware designed to protect against spyware, phishing and online scams.
  • Malwarebytes An effective solution for dealing with nasties. However the free version does not provide realtime security. 

Cleaning Your PC

If you are selling your computer or just throwing it out we suggest you get rid of all your data first. For a step by step guide visit this BT Web Page.

Anti Virus Software

All Windows 10 Computers come with built in protection. View the details here. To  check if your system is secure click here.
  If you receive a virus via email from a friend we suggest you advise them as follow:-

“I believe your computer may be infected as I have just received a virus using your email address. This site can scan your system remotely

Keep Safe”

Firewall Software

Firewalls should be kept on at all time. Window 10 comes with a built in firewall. For more information

Test Your Firewall & Browser

Once you install a firewall check your internet security at with their Shields Up and Probe my Ports tests. Next check your browser and related software are upto date at

Check Email Box if Hacked

Five signs your email account has been hacked

Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach

Spam Manager

Spam can be a real pain and Mailwasher from is one solution if you have a problem with spam. The free program lets you view your mail on the ISP server (one mail box only) and bounce unwanted mail which makes spammers think the address is dead.