Brisbane Seniors Online (BSOL) is a not for profit volunteer organisation. It provides Greater Brisbane area seniors training on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Lessons are provided by volunteer Mentors.  They can be on a variety of subjects depending on the Learner’s needs.

Note: We do not provide computer training for commercial purposes, nor do we provide technical support, computer repairs, or maintenance.

Those 50+ can become a member of Brisbane Seniors Online for a low fee and receive numerous hours of lessons throughout the twelve month period of their membership.

Lessons can be undertaken in a variety of locations, including;

Learners are matched with a suitable volunteer Mentor who will assist them with their learning requirements.

BSOL Membership has many benefits, including;

  • access to the Computer Training Room
  • free use of Apple and Windows computers
  • iPads for free short term borrowing
  • self-serve printing and copying services via a colour A4 multifunction laser printer, for a small cost
  • free unlimited wi-fi downloads
  • free unlimited Zoom minutes

BSOL offers all members access to its online forum and several special interest groups.  These groups generally meet monthly and specialise in Apple, Linux, and photography.  There is also a monthly Mentor Support group.

Ready to learn?

Applying to be a BSOL Learner is easy, just head over to the Learners Membership page.

Need to renew your membership?

Renew your existing or expired membership via the Learners Membership page.

Interested in mentoring?

Apply to become a BSOL Mentor.

Can you help in other ways?

BSOL offers other types of volunteering roles, read about them here.